My grandfather, Francesco Leonardi, was born in Sicily to a family of stone carvers.  From a very young age he was taught the value of craftsmanship, patience and an eye for detail.  After immigrating to America and choosing Cleveland, Ohio as his new home, he joined a team of stone masons and helped to created four 43-foot tall, double-sided pylons, hand-carved out of sandstone for Cleveland’s “Hope Memorial Bridge”.  These “Guardians of Transportation”, as they are called, are just one example of the skilled work my grandfather did each and every day.  He passed on to his son and my father, Charles Leonardi, the skill or an artisan and a passion for quality.

My father embraced those qualities and formed his own painting and remodeling company.  My brother and I, from a young age, worked alongside him on jobs both large and small.  Looking back, it was not my first choice on how to spend my free time, but today, I appreciate all I learned from him:  attention to detail, a good work ethic, and always making sure the customer’s needs were the number one priority.

About Us
About Us

In 2001 my brother and I started our own painting and home improvement business to continue the legacy of my father and grandfather.  For over 14 years we provided large construction companies, businesses, and homeowners’ quality service with spectacular results.

In 2015 I relocated to Arizona and formed Leonardi Painting & Interiors, LLC (license, bonded and insured).  I look forward to using all I’ve learned from my family’s legacy to provide to Arizonians superior work with a Midwest work ethic.



Steve Leonardi